About Rachel - Founder of Rue Paradis Art Prints

  • Rachel, Artist, photographer, visual story teller, founder of Rue Paradis Art Prints

    Step into a world of cinematic wonder! Rue Paradis Prints captures the fleeting moments, the vibrant pulse of life, and the boundless joy our planet offers. Embrace adventure. Savor the beauty. Explore the world through our lens and ignite your own spirit of discovery.

  • Photography and I have a very long story. Photography fascinated me from a young age, I was chasing my past, rummaging through a shoebox full of family photos. I was curious about who all these people were and how they fit into my family history. I was fascinated by how photography could freeze a moment in time but also give an introvert like me, a voice to communicate, tell a story, create inspiration and show us beauty in the everyday. There isn’t a day I have stopped using the camera to the point that I am obsessed. I need to learn to step back from everything. But having a camera in hand is my trusted memory of beautiful moments, places I have visited and stories I want to share with you to inspire and encourage you to live on life on your terms. Rue Paradis Art Prints is where I share the most compelling stories, using my voice through photography. I hope you’ll walk away inspired from browsing through Rue Paradis Art Prints Collection and remember to seize the moment, look at your surroundings with fresh eyes and celebrate every day with the eyes of a 7-year-old.

Our Mission , Eco-Friendly Home Decor and Carbon Neutral Printing

I’ m committed to make Rue Paradis Prints a sustainable brand. All prints are printed on Hahnemühle Bamboo giclée archival paper, a unique product that blends photography with environmental sustainability. The paper comprises 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton, free of optical brightening agents and offering maximum ageing resistance.

This premium paper gives the prints a vibrant rendition that preserves their beauty for a lifetime. This paper also provides a tactile, immersive viewing experience that elevates the appreciation of each photograph. You can rely on the quality of these unique prints and enjoy exclusive artwork that will remain cherished for years.

All images are printed by an end-to-end carbon neutral printer.

Artist Statement

Rachel is a London-based photographer and artist passionate about capturing beautiful cinematic experiences that take viewers on a journey. With a discerning eye and creative spirit, Rachel uses her camera lens to transport audiences to distant places, carefully curating scenes that embody life's beauty. Drawing inspiration from famed photographers like William Eckletson, Cartier Bresson, and Willy Ronis, Rachel’s work is infused with the essence of classic film photography. From nature's tranquil beauty to the urban landscape's complexity, each image Rachel creates speaks to the joys of a life thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated.

Rachel’s process is both systematic and emotionally driven. She carefully plans her shots and seeks the perfect locations, focusing on the right light and the ideal angle. But perhaps the biggest challenge that Rachel faces is capturing the full range of emotions that make up a moment. Whether it’s a soft, warm embrace or a solitary figure standing on a beach at sunrise, she is determined to create images that evoke emotion in the viewers.

A true artist at heart, Rachel continues to push the boundaries of her creativity and is always looking for new ways to explore her craft. Her talent for capturing the beauty of life has already caught the attention of several major publications and galleries, and her work has been featured in several exhibitions. As Rachel continues to pursue her passion, there’s no telling where her creative journey might take her next.

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