A Pledge towards sustainability

The advancements of the last century have undoubtedly been incredible, but at what cost to the planet? As an artist at Rue Paradis Prints Wall Decor, I understand the importance of finding the balance between progress and seeking a more sustainable future. We must take collective responsibility for our actions and work together to create lasting change.

That's why I don't just preach about sustainability - I practice it. From avoiding car use and recycling at home to using eco-friendly materials in my prints, I'm committed to ensuring my work is as green as possible. That's why I've partnered with carbon-neutral certified printers and use archival paper in all newly launched prints.

It's time to recognise the impacts of our actions, work together, and make a real difference. I invite you to join me on this journey.

Free-Spirited Woman In Amsterdam, New Beginnings Art Print - Rue Paradis Art Prints

Eco-Friendly Archival Art Prints

I’ m committed to make Rue Paradis Prints a sustainable brand. All art prints are printed on Hahnemühle Bamboo giclée archival paper, a unique product that blends photography with environmental sustainability. The paper comprises 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton, free of optical brightening agents and offering maximum ageing resistance.

This premium paper gives the prints a vibrant rendition that preserves their beauty for a lifetime. This paper also provides a tactile, immersive viewing experience that elevates the appreciation of each photograph. You can rely on the quality of these unique prints and enjoy exclusive artwork that will remain cherished for years.

  • One Tree Planted For Every Order

    We all have a shared responsibility to do our part for our planet. One inspiring example of how businesses are making a difference is The Eden Reforestation Project, which strives to make a positive change through planting trees. As a business owner, I wanted to be a part of this positive change, so I have joined the project to ensure that our customers know that their orders are having a major impact on our planet. As part of our mission, each order received by Rue Paradis Prints will result in the planting of one tree.

  • Carbon Neutral Printers

    I'm committed to sustainability, so all of my prints are printed on demand with certified carbon-neutral printers. This helps me honour my pledge to the planet, and I'm proud to offer a selection of eco-friendly artwork you can feel good about owning.