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Unlock the Magic of Weymouth in 24 hours

I returned from a week in Italy with my mum, where the week felt like living in the Dolce Vita. The Weather was bleak, with grey skies and heavy rains. It was cold in London, and my heart was sinking at the idea of having to get ready for the change of season, which set me in a desolate mood. I always need help adjusting from Summer to Autumn; such harsh weather changes are difficult to swallow. So when it finally warmed up, my husband suggested an escape to the seaside. 

Where would we go for 24 hours? Leaving on Saturday Morning, coming back on Sunday evening? I suggested Deal in Kent, but he was adamant that we would have walked around quickly. I started to look at places like West Bay. I loved the TV series Broadchurch, and we decided to go to Weymouth. Anywhere next to the seaside always makes me happy. After being in Plymouth in March, it made sense to set off for Weymouth. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. I had heard about the Jurassic Coast and remembered the cliffs featured in Broadchurch, but there’s much more to Weymouth than that. In this post, I will take you on a journey through this magnificent town, guiding you through the must-see attractions. So get ready to unlock the magic of Weymouth in just one day with me.

The Beach Front

We parked at the train station car park to walk down to the sea to the hotel we had booked for the night. As soon as I stepped outside the car, I got a whiff of sea breeze. The sky was beautiful, and many families were walking on the pavement with shovels, colourful rubber wheels and inflatable mattresses. The summer holiday mood was whole on and did lift me up. It still felt like summer, after all. The walk to the hotel on the Greenhill promenade layered with Georgian terrace houses made you feel on holiday. Bare the fish and chips shops. You could nearly picture yourself somewhere in France on the Coast of Normandy. Add some palm trees, and it could be somewhere on the continent. My first impression was a mix of British heritage with European and Mediterranean influences, and I felt right at home.

After dropping our bags at the Chapter 1 Hotel, we walked on the beach. This was a complete change of scenery from the previous week in Italy. You were free to roam from a crowded and cramped beach covered with an army of sun umbrellas. Golden sand at low tide, clear water with families enjoying a moment of fun with their young kids.

It was a fascinating scenery watching toddlers running into the sea, holding water buckets and being covered in sand, having the freedom to play and get dirty. I loved the laid-back atmosphere on the beach. People were standing and chatting in the water while watching their little ones running around in their flowery swimming trunks, splashing water all around and having a lot of fun. Others were moving around on a yellow pedal boat or paddle board with no sea scooter in sight.

You could sense the happiness from a day at the beach, having fun and spending meaningful time with the family. People could roam outside in the sunshine after a gloomy summer. It felt like pure bliss. I walked on the sandy beach with my camera, framing and composing the scenes. The end of the daylight was so beautiful that the photographs I took nearly looked like paintings or beach scenes from another century. The beach scene was even more beautiful when the sun had set, and the blue light started to set in. It made me want to retake every scene in this different light setting. It was less harsh and softer, with a gorgeous blue glow. I had only spent an afternoon in Weymouth and was already conquered. 

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