Explore Sheffield: 10 Must-See Places You Can't-Miss

Written by: Rachel Davies



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The first time I heard about Sheffield was during the mining strikes in the 80s when the minors were defying the harsh stance of Margaret Thatcher. The fight was brutal, and the North of England moved from prosperity to poverty. Sheffield had another moment of glory in the 90s with the movie "Full Monty." Then, somehow, it was lost into oblivion until my youngest son went to study at Sheffield University in 2021.

I recently returned to North East England to visit my youngest son, who is studying at Sheffield University. This was an opportunity to discover the city and its unique industrial heritage. I'm taking you through Modern Sheffield and its glorious industrial past in this post.

Sheffield witnessed a remarkable surge of technological advancements and economic growth during the Industrial Revolution. The convergence of an abundance of natural resources, including iron ore and coal, alongside the entrepreneurial spirit of its people, paved the way for the city's meteoric rise. As the steel demand soared, Sheffield became the place for innovation and craftsmanship, captivating the world with its mastery of metalworking.

Walking through Sheffield, you will notice the city's evolution through a series of transformative eras, each leaving a mark on its identity. The city was transformed by iconic landmarks, such as the imposing Cutlers' Hall and the majestic Victoria Quays, constructed in 1816-1819 as the terminus of the Sheffield Canal. 

The rich history of Sheffield is evident in its industrial legacy and the array of iconic landmarks and architectural landmarks in the urban landscapes. One such landmark is the imposing Sheffield Cathedral, a magnificent Gothic structure that has stood as the city's spiritual heart for centuries. Another architectural gem that graces Sheffield's skyline is the City Hall. The City Hall symbolises Sheffield's civic pride and grandeur, boasting a stunning classical facade. 

Contemporary developments in Sheffield have embraced the importance of preserving the city's heritage while adapting to modern needs. Projects such as the revitalisation of the Kelham Island area have seen the transformation of historic industrial buildings into modern residential spaces, combining the charm of the past with the convenience and sustainability of the present. This project balances preserving historical significance and embracing contemporary design principles.

The city has a lot to offer, and here are my ten favourite places you shouldn’t miss.